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I recently blogged about my new found love of Raw Meal. It's a delicious vegan meal replacement powder packed with essential vitamins and minerals that has made my mornings so much more convenient! Before I found this product, I used to skip breakfast fairly regularly and if I did eat something it tended to not be a very well rounded meal. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.

Makes 9 servings

Even vegans need brownies. Whether you top them with non-dairy ice cream or whipped cream or eat them straight from the oven, these brownies are fudgy, rich and satisfying.

Looking over my recipes I saw one glaringly lacking category....Desserts! Not because I don't care for sweets, but more because I am a self admittedly terrible baker. I did however find this recipe from one of my favorite sites ohsheglows.com and it is practically fool proof. Trust me if I can pull it off anyone can!

I found this recipe on ellentv.com, she has a great page dedicated to creative vegan dishes. However the recipe comes from a very talented chef named Tal Ronnen. His book "The Conscious cook" is filled with tasty vegan alternatives to every day classics. This one has quite a bit of ingredients but if prepped right it's really easy to throw together.

For anyone who works in the restaurant industry I don't have to explain to you the atrocities of Valentines day. For those of you who don't, little hint...DON'T GO OUT ON VALENTINES DAY! Pick any other day of the year to be romantic and in that way it's really more romantic because you're not doing it because you feel like you have to or because Hallmark told you to.

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