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Bill Clinton Vegan

Many of us are now familiar with the term Vegan but did know you many of the world’s most powerful people are die hard vegans? Take for instance our 42nd president; William (Bill) J. Clinton. During his presidency Bill Clinton was far from being a healthy eater. In fact, there are many famous candid photos of him eating a hotdog or some other fast food while he visited different cities around the country. But Bill’s love for food and the enormous amount of stress that he endured during his presidency took a heavy toll on his health especially his heart.

The differences between vegan and vegetarians can be found in their food consumptions, dietary lifestyles and in their reasons for adopting that lifestyle. Vegans do not eat meat and they do away with all kinds of animal products from their dietary intakes including eggs and dairy. Those observing the strict lifestyle of the vegans avoid wearing animal leather and other products from animals like leather clothes and leather shoes, wool, silk and any other products from animal bodies. Vegans have a deep compassion for animals and that compassion has a strong grip on their food choices and their lifestyles.

This is a Sesame Bok Choy Tofu and Mushroom Stir-Fry recipe similar to on PETA's website with a few additions, which adds a little more protein with the addition of golden brown tofu.

I recently blogged about my new found love of Raw Meal. It's a delicious vegan meal replacement powder packed with essential vitamins and minerals that has made my mornings so much more convenient! Before I found this product, I used to skip breakfast fairly regularly and if I did eat something it tended to not be a very well rounded meal. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.

Makes 9 servings

Even vegans need brownies. Whether you top them with non-dairy ice cream or whipped cream or eat them straight from the oven, these brownies are fudgy, rich and satisfying.

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