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I found this recipe on PETA'S website. They have a very extensive list of recipes as one would imagine which is great but it can sometimes make choosing a little difficult at times.

I am a creature of habit though, so when scanning through some of their Asian inspired dishes I came across one that contained bok choy and mushrooms. Say no more I'm in!

I recently blogged about my new found love of Raw Meal. It's a delicious vegan meal replacement powder packed with essential vitamins and minerals that has made my mornings so much more convenient! Before I found this product, I used to skip breakfast fairly regularly and if I did eat something it tended to not be a very well rounded meal. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.

Makes 9 servings

Even vegans need brownies. Whether you top them with non-dairy ice cream or whipped cream or eat them straight from the oven, these brownies are fudgy, rich and satisfying.

Looking over my recipes I saw one glaringly lacking category....Desserts! Not because I don't care for sweets, but more because I am a self admittedly terrible baker. I did however find this recipe from one of my favorite sites ohsheglows.com and it is practically fool proof. Trust me if I can pull it off anyone can!

I found this recipe on ellentv.com, she has a great page dedicated to creative vegan dishes. However the recipe comes from a very talented chef named Tal Ronnen. His book "The Conscious cook" is filled with tasty vegan alternatives to every day classics. This one has quite a bit of ingredients but if prepped right it's really easy to throw together.

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